Attorney Mark Regazzi

Attorney Mark Regazzi

First and foremost, what you need to know about me is this: What I do is about stopping unnecessary stress from getting in the way of your life, your peace and your happiness.

A Seasoned New Mexico Bankruptcy Lawyer

As a New Mexico bankruptcy attorney, I have experience handling New Mexico Chapter 7 filings and many other consumer debt matters. I am honored to have helped countless clients get out of debt, save their homes and find new hope. The following success story explains the power I gave back to just one of my many clients.

An elderly but energetic couple came to me with a big problem. They had taken on a lot and were financially supporting several young grandchildren; they were making things work for everyone involved, but their debt had gotten out of hand, and they were faced with foreclosure. I was able to get the creditors off their backs and make sure they kept their home and their cars, so they could turn their energy back to what mattered most to them, taking care of their family.

I believe people don’t need riches to be happy, but they do need enough to pay the bills. If I can help you with your finances, then you can turn your energies back to whatever it is that matters most in your life.

My home is New Mexico, but I have lived and worked in the UK, Germany, France, Romania and Turkey. My travels have been an education in human nature, and I use that education every day.

I am an animal lover, so I have a strong interest in animal rights. I’m also a self-trained chef and baker. Every year, I cook a “Friends Thanksgiving” a week or two before the actual holiday. I believe there are never enough opportunities to celebrate together and give thanks. It is my genuine hope that through my practice I can give all my clients new reasons to be thankful for the peace and security they can once again enjoy.

I am a graduate of the DePaul University College of Law and Newbold College in the United Kingdom. After earning a double major in Literature and History at Newbold, I studied political science at the London School of Economics.

As a member of the New Mexico Bar since 2009, I practice in the Federal District Court for the District of New Mexico, the United States Bankruptcy Court and the New Mexico State Courts.

Call me now at 505-265-1000 about your financial situation or any legal matter you would like to discuss.